Advanced Technology for the NOW GENERATION of Machinists

Print custom tools on-demand and on the shop floor. It's a manufacturer's dream come true.


Precision-Designed. Production Ready.

Markforged printers, from the FX20 to the X7, offer reliability and precision. Ideal for metal and composite printing, they enable cutting-edge manufacturing solutions.


In Metal, Plastic, and Continuous Carbon Fiber.

Print your parts from a range of materials from robust Onyx to advanced metals like stainless steel. Turn your innovative ideas into durable, functional parts on the shop floor.


Browser-Based. Creativity Unlocked.

Intuitive and streamlined, Markforged's 3D printer software boosts your production capabilities and your manufacturing processes. Advanced, accessible tools put you in total control of your parts.

Which Printer is Right for You?

Every Markforged® 3D printer purchase supports free education and ships worldwide.


The FX20™ is the only 3D printer to combine high temperature thermoplastics and continuous fiber reinforcement to print large, strong parts for aerospace, defense, and other demanding applications.


FX10™ is Markforged’s next generation industrial composite 3D printer — the result of years of engineering innovation. Its sole purpose is to deliver strong, accurate parts every print.

Metal X™ System

Metal X™ is one of the most intuitive metal 3D printers available today. Print a wide range of materials from stainless steels to copper with minimal training on a closed workflow. Scaling up capacity is easy; just add printers.


A game changing way to get industrial-grade parts in hours, not weeks — the X7™ carbon fiber 3D printer enables engineers and designers to fundamentally improve manufacturing operations at light speed.

Mark Two™

The Mark Two™ carbon fiber composite 3D printer generates aluminum strength parts right on the machine shop floor. Just press print.

Onyx Pro™

Capable of 3D printing Fiberglass-reinforced parts 10x stronger than ABS — the Onyx Pro™ leverages the power of Continuous Fiber Reinforcement at a competitive price point.


The PX100™ Binder Jetting system manufactures complex, production-grade parts, unlocking high-volume metal production at the point of need.

Available Q3 2024.


Harness the power of Markforged's 3D printing solutions to unlock incredible new possibilities in design and manufacturing.


Grow your production capabilities with Markforged's technology, ensuring your manufacturing processes can expand to meet demand without sacrificing quality.


Achieve superior results with Markforged's printers, designed to deliver unmatched precision and strength in every part.