These resources will help you jumpstart your CNC education on our free Academies.

Mill Requirements & Materials

A classroom guide for starting the Building Blocks Mill Series.

Purchase Academy Toolkits

Advanced carbide tooling for CNC Mills and Lathes, by Kennametal.

Lathe Requirements & Materials

A classroom guide for starting the Rocket Lathe Series.

SOLIDWORKS for Students

The best design tools for Students at a low price. Not for commercial use.


Save 20% on the best design tools for Makers. Limit $2,000 USD profit per year.

SOLIDWORKS for Professionals

Industry-leading design tools for professional use.

Mastercam EDU Suite

Fully functional suite with multi-axis post processors for $160.

TITANS OF CNC: Academy Instruction Manual

Step-by-step how to use the Academy and implement its curriculum.

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Global "Small Group" Network

Our worldwide network of TITANS is here to support you on your path to Greatness! To join a group, simply zoom and navigate the map to your desired location, select a pin to learn more about the group, and follow the instructions to sign up.

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Facebook Groups

We created and curate an incredible private group on Facebook to help answer questions, build connections, and stay up to date on the latest industry trends and information.

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Learn From the Experts

Go In-Depth with the Podcast

We created a new secondary YouTube channel specifically focused on bringing you video podcasts where Titan, Keith, and others from our team dig even deeper into the industry. Covering topics like new trends, speaking with industry pros, and shop owners from across the US and overseas. It's a fun time with more great content from some of your favorite industry leaders from TITANS of CNC.