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Chip & Coolant Evacuation Made Simple with the RAM 280 MP Industrial Vacuum

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The Powerhouse: RAM 280 MP Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Unleash unparalleled cleaning efficiency in your workshop with the RAM 280 MP. Engineered for precision, powered by three 3.3HP single-phase motors, it effortlessly removes cooling lubricants and metal chips from CNC tanks.

Experience a new level of cleanliness with a high airflow of 336CFM and enjoy the benefits of a quick discharge system, thanks to its 11gal filter basket and a 74gal main barrel. This compact, yet powerful solution is your shop's new best friend.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Metal Swarf Separation: Innovative 11gal filter basket.
  • Generous Coolant Collection: Large 74gal capacity for coolant.
  • User-Friendly and Powerful: A compact solution for every machine shop.

Country of Origin: USA

Safety data sheets available upon request.

Feature Highlights

Suction Unit

By utilizing 3 bypass motors this unit allows the operator to have full control over the intake performance. Depureco also places the motors in a sturdy casing with an insulating sponge to maintain an ultra-low noise level.


Depureco's intake system uses a specialized nozzle and filtering grid to efficiently separate solid particles from liquids. After separation, the liquid is stored in a large tank, perfectly prepared for safe reintegration with your machinery.

Filtering Element

Depureco's advanced filtration features a PPL filter for 150µ efficiency and an optional TNT filter for 100µ, ensuring even the finest particles are captured. This results in cleaner, reusable liquid. Filters are designed for easy washing and reuse.

Discharge System

Depureco integrates a submerged pump within the tank to guarantee effective emptying. The intelligent design includes a level sensor that halts operations when the tank is full or empty, optimizing safety and efficiency.

About The Depureco RAM 280 MP

A must-have sump industrial vacuum for oil and chips

Motor Type

3 Bypass



Voltage / Frequency

110V / 60hz

Maximum Vacuum


Maximum Air Flow



2" Ø

Noise Level (EN ISO 3744)