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The TITANS of CNC Story

What began as a CNC machine shop in Northern California, focused on making the most difficult parts in aerospace, is now the leading platform for educating and connecting a global network of skilled machinists.

Transformation Through Education

We're closing the skills gap and inspiring the NOW GENERATION of machinists, bringing innovation and growth to the manufacturing industry. Empowered by our partners, we envision a future where anyone can shape their own success and contribute to the ever-evolving industry landscape.


100% Free Education

Committed to our Community

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Manufacturing turns raw materials into functional art. You literally make something from nothing. A true metaphor for life—take what you're given and shape it to power the future.

Titan Gilroy – CEO


Our History

Defying The Odds

Titan Gilroy's turbulent childhood was marked by the harsh realities of a broken home, plagued by violence, alcoholism, and rage. Fueled by an aggressive and destructive nature, he soon gained notoriety for multiple accounts of assault, leading to a staggering sixteen-year prison sentence. The cycle of violence persisted, culminating in Titan's solitary confinement for six months. His path took a transformative turn when Top Rank Boxing intervened, facilitating an early release and offering him a shot at redemption. Titan seized this second chance, emerging as one of the most promising fighters in the sport.

Despite his triumphs in the ring, Titan found himself entangled once again in the street violence of his past, haunted by his demons. Fearing a return to prison, he made a life-altering decision to walk away from professional boxing. Serendipitously, he ventured into the world of CNC machining, discovering a newfound purpose that would redefine his trajectory. In the machine shop, Titan harnessed his innate drive and resilience, ultimately sculpting a remarkable journey from a turbulent past to becoming a notable figure in the realm of precision machining and manufacturing education.

No Ordinary Job Shop

TITAN America

TITAN America began as a premiere job shop, delivering mission-critical parts for the world's top aerospace, sub-sea, medical, automotive, and other companies covering a vast consortium of industries.

In its dynamic history, TITAN America was a manufacturing powerhouse recognized for its innovative approach to precision machining. Renowned for transforming raw materials into high-precision components, the company combined cutting-edge technology with a steadfast commitment to excellence.

Titan's own undeniable talent for pushing the long-held preconceived "boundaries" of manufacturing (in an effort to massively reduce cycle-times and increase efficiency and quality while retaining competitive pricing) solidified his reputation as a leader in the industry.

Lights, Camera, Action!


As Titan's notoriety grew, he came to realize that he truly was bucking the system that had been in place for decades. Running faster, harder, and more efficiently was something ALL machine shops should know how to do. But who would ever take time away from a successful shop to split their focus and shine a light on this world of Manufacturing he had such a driving passion for?

Then the idea hit, let's make a reality show to give an inside look into the world of precision machining and manufacturing.

Through real-world projects, cutting-edge technology showcases, and personal stories from industry professionals, the series provided a comprehensive exploration of CNC machining.

Viewers gained insights into the skill, innovation, and companies leading the industry. The show lasted for a solid 3 seasons before Titan clicked with his next big idea.

200,000+ Students Served

An Education Revolution

The education system in the US is broken, especially when it comes to legitimate curriculum for the Manufacturing industry, literally nothing existed that would give students or existing machinists a comprehensive path forward in Advanced Machining techniques like CNC, 5-Axis, Workholding strategies, and GD&T/Inspection.

Titan saw the same industry talking heads decrying a “Massive Skills Gap” and the speeches sounded great, but when these people walked off the stage, no one took action… nothing was being done about it.

Titan took it on his shoulders to create an advanced curriculum that could be followed by those with zero knowledge AND be valuable to those with existing knowledge.

His innovative style of teaching uses self-directed video-based tutorials to break down advanced concepts like CAD/CAM/CNC into easy-to-follow steps. Through technique stacking and repetition, students of the TITANS of CNC: Academy learn valuable skills that are coveted in industry by employers all over the globe.

Industries Fail When Passion Falls Silent

Driving Awareness

“THE SKILLS GAP IS A LIE” in massive bold text, up on giant screens in front of hundreds of industry professionals, leaders, and educators.

…“We have an Awareness gap” continues Titan at his keynote speech to the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) attendees in 2019. The driving force of American greatness is a sense of rugged individualism and infinite possibility, but that is also what is simultaneously forcing the US to fall further and further behind globally as companies shut their doors to protect their processes and Intellectual Property.

TITANS of CNC has blown open its doors and is exposing the tips, tricks, strategies, and mindsets needed for success and to be truly competitive in this new global economy.

We believe that by marrying entertaining content with educational content, we will capture more eyes and minds that would have otherwise never known about machining as a viable and respected career path.

To Boldly Go...

Mission Critical Machining

We created the Aerospace Academy to stand as a specialized and cutting-edge educational platform tailored to the intricate world of aerospace manufacturing.

With an insanely-advanced curriculum based on actual Aerospace parts, the Academy focuses on providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience crucial for success in the aerospace industry.

From fundamental concepts like reading bubbled prints to advanced machining & workholding techniques, the Academy's courses cater to shops or individuals focused on leveling-up their capabilities.

The inclusion of real-world projects and case studies ensures a practical understanding of aerospace machining principles. The Aerospace Academy's commitment to excellence is mirrored in its collaboration with industry experts, ensuring that students receive up-to-date and industry-relevant insights. This Academy plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of aerospace manufacturing education.

Exposing the secrets behind this lost art.

Planes Don't Fly, Cars Don't Go... Without Grinding

The Grinding Academy exists to shine a spotlight back onto an element of the CNC Machining world that is often overlooked or outsourced.

This Academy follows suit with our others to carefully and intimately dissect the art of grinding. Through video-based tutorials we teach every level of knowledge and capability, to ensure value for anyone coming in as a student of Grinding.

There’s an important factor in developing this style of Academy, the fact is we don’t know where our audiences current capability begins, and we can’t force everyone to begin at the same place as it would be remedial for some and too advanced for others. So we include multiple levels of knowledge from breaking down the startup and basic use of the machines, to advanced part tutorials, and even a series on wheel designations and strategies.

For Machinists, By Machinists

Everything We've Been Working For

Titan’s vision for the industry includes a single digital ecosystem where students at any level can Get Certified, Get Hired, Hire People, Find Customers, and Find Vendors… all for FREE.

This once audacious goal, is now a reality.

Combining all of the best elements and functionality from social media platforms our audience is already used to like Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Instagram… along with an extremely robust and beautifully designed “artist style” portfolio of parts.

The value doesn’t end there, the CNC EXPERT platform is also an advanced Certification system, where users can get certified for FREE on their CAD, CAM, and CNC parts made from the TITANS of CNC: Academy curriculum. All FREE, all thanks to our partners for investing in the future of this industry… our audience.

The Future is NOW


Today… TITANS of CNC has evolved into a multifaceted organization offering comprehensive resources for machinists, engineers, and enthusiasts. As well as a sales platform to connect the industry to leading vendors and white-glove VIP service throughout the machine tool purchase process.

We have successfully embraced the digital era, leveraging social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to disseminate educational content, engage with our community, and showcase the latest advancements in machining technology. Our commitment to accessibility is evident in the user-friendly interfaces we create, and the availability of free educational materials, making high-quality CNC education accessible globally.

We continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of manufacturing education. Our active presence on social media platforms fosters a vibrant community of learners, machinists, and industry professionals, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in the CNC machining space.