Breathe Easier with an AEROEX Mist Collector

Installs Quickly

Time is money, and in manufacturing that could make or break your reputation. AEROEX‘s sleek, modular mist collectors give you the professional edge with its quick install design. Fits most machine tools with little to no modification required.

Easy to Use

AEROEX Mist Collectors are designed for hassle-free use, featuring easy-clean filters and straightforward operation to minimize downtime and keep your focus on the job. With their smart, user-friendly design, maintaining a clean shop environment is simpler than ever.

Clear the Air

Creating a safe and healthy work environment is crucial to the success of any machine shop. With AEROEX’s advanced multi-stage filtration technology, you're setting the standard for cleanliness and safety in your workspace, ensuring the wellbeing of your team and the durability of your machines.


Works with ANY machine tool in your shop, new or old.


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Mist-Fit MF-550 Mist Collector
Mist-Fit MF-550 Mist Collector Sale price$4,044.00 Regular price$4,246.00
Mist-Fit MF-560 Mist Collector
Mist-Fit MF-560 Mist Collector Sale price$4,678.00 Regular price$4,912.00
Mist-Fit MF-1050 Mist Collector
Mist-Fit MF-1050 Mist Collector Sale price$4,999.00 Regular price$5,249.00
Mist-Fit MF-1950 Mist Collector
Mist-Fit MF-1950 Mist Collector Sale price$7,558.00 Regular price$7,936.00