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SYIL X11 Vertical Machining Center

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Sale price$61,990.00

Financing options available.

Designed for Large Workpieces


  • Axis travels of 39.37" x 19.69" x 19.69" (1000 x 500 x 500 mm)
  • 24-pocket high-speed servo auto tool changer
  • 12,000 rpm BT40 spindle
  • SCHNEEBERGER mineral casting

Customization Options

  • NC rotary table servo type | 4th axis 255 mm
  • Tail Stock for 255 mm NC rotary table
  • Probe System | Wireless type
  • Tool Setter Kits | Cable type TTC200
  • Filtermist
  • Central Coolant System(CTS 20 Bar)
  • Chip Conveyor

Country of Origin: Parts sourced from multiple countries. Machine tool assembled in China; packaged and shipped in the USA.


This affordable and versatile vertical machining center is perfect for medium and large workpieces. Excelling in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, the SYIL X11 delivers high-quality results while efficiently surpassing industry standards.

Table Size

41.34" x 21.65" (1050 x 550mm)

T-Slots (Number × Size × Distance)

0.71" x 0.20" x 3.54" (18 x 5 x 90mm)

Max. Table Load

1322.77 lbs (600kg)

Floor Size (L x W x H)

106.30" x 90.55" x 110.24" (2700 × 2300 × 2800mm)


39.37" (1000mm)


High-precision mineral casting bed


High-precision ball screws and linear guides

4th Axis

Optional 4th-Axis

High-Speed Servo Tool Changer

24 position, BT40

Why Choose the X11 Vertical Machining Center?

There are several advantages to using an X11 Vertical Machining Center for your machining needs.

Additional Features

Tool Type

Arm Type

Tool Storage Capacity

24 Positions

Max. Tool Diameter

4.72" (120mm)

Max. Tool Length

11.81" (300mm)

Max. Tool Weight

15.43 lbs (7kg)

Tool to Tool


Spindle Motor Output (Rate/Max)

14.75/22.80 hp (11/17kW)

Drive Motors (X, Y, Z)

5.23/5.23/7.92 hp (3.9/3.9/5.9kW)

Power Source

AC380V/ 3-Phase

Floor Space (L × W × H)

106.30" x 90.55" x 110.24" (2700 × 2300 × 2800mm)


15432.36 lbs (7000kg)