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SYIL U5 5-Axis Mill

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Sale price$96,500.00

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Bringing 5-Axis capability to your workshop, the SYIL U5 CNC Mill is 'within reach,' both financially and functionally, empowering you to extend your reach across every curve and contour of your workpiece.

Plate Diameter

7.87" (200mm)

Maximum Machining Diameter

9.84" (250mm)

Swiveling Range

+/- 100°


4/12 H7

Maximum Table Load (0°)

132.28 lbs (60kg)

Mineral Casting

SCHNEEBERGER High Precision Mineral Bed


SCHNEEBERGER High Precision Linear Guide

High-Speed Servo Tool Changer

32 pocket ATC

Reviewer Avatar

Robert S.

TITANS of CNC delivered a 5-star experience! Titan and Jessie went above and beyond to personally educate me about the SYIL X7. Keith made everything super easy and answered no less than 1,000 of my questions. Their team really cared about my success! All that's left is for me to finalize the machine's placement and see what this thing can do. Can't wait to cut my first chips on this bad boy!

Why Choose the U5 5-Axis Mill?

Choosing the SYIL U5 5-Axis Mill equips your shop with the capability to execute complex, precision parts with a single setup, elevating your manufacturing to compete with industry leaders.

It's an investment in both quality and efficiency, offering advanced technology at an accessible price point, ensuring a quicker return on investment. Plus, its compact footprint fits neatly into smaller spaces, maximizing your shop's production potential without the need for extensive (often expensive) expansion.

Additional Features

Tool Type

Arm Type

Tool Holder


Tool Storage Capacity

32 positions

Max. Tool Length

7.87" (200mm)

Max. Tool Weight

4.41 lbs (2kg)

Max. Tool Diameter

0.79" (20mm)

Tool to Tool


Spindle Motor Output (Rate/Max)

10.05 hp (7.5kW)

Drive Motors (X, Y, Z)

3.22/3.22/3.22 hp (2.4/2.4/2.4kW)

Power Source

AC380V/ 3-Phase


14 kVA

Floor Size (L x W x H)

76.77" x 80.71" x 94.49" (1950 x 2050 x 2400mm)

Machine Weight

11,464.04 lbs (5200kg)