Universal for ANY brand of CNC Machine

Fully Automatic Door Opener for ALL CNC Machines

Eliminate Pain & Soreness

Eliminates sore arms and joints for operators who frequently open the machine door, offering automatic control via the CNC machine's panel or additional push buttons, and is ideal for large, heavy doors too.

Automation w/Cobot or Robot

The CNC AutoDoor comes with a control box that requires only 2 signals to open and close the machine door. This makes it a universal plug & play system suitable for any CNC machine and for all robot and cobot brands.

Increased Productivity

The AutoDoor can automatically open at the end of the machine cycle, providing a clear visual that the CNC cycle is finished. This grabs an operator's attention better than an end-of-cycle light and boosts productivity.


The CNC AutoDoor works with ANY brand of CNC machine, new or old.


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Single Door OpenerSingle Door Opener
CNC AutoDoor
Single Door Opener Sale price$5,495.00
Single/Double Door OpenerSingle/Double Door Opener
Double Door OpenerDouble Door Opener
CNC AutoDoor
Double Door Opener Sale price$10,128.00
Telescopic Door OpenerTelescopic Door Opener