Increase Efficiency & Profits with Automation


The Universal stands out as the most versatile on the market, accommodating varied shaft sizes up to 600mm with ease. Designed for convenience and can be effortlessly moved from one CNC machine to another, enhancing workflow and efficiency. Moreover, it enables the setup of a new batch during the robot's operation, thereby enhancing overall productivity.


The TurnStacker boasts a high capacity for diameters up to 300mm, ensuring wide-ranging compatibility. Its design allows for easy movement from one CNC machine to another, enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, it facilitates the preparation of a new batch while the robot is running, maximizing productivity.


The MillStacker offers a high capacity for handling workpieces up to 400mm, accommodating a broad range of sizes. Its mobility allows for simple transfer from one CNC machine to another, streamlining the workflow. Plus, it supports the preparation of a new batch concurrently while the robot is in operation, optimizing productivity.


HALTER CNC Automated loaders are completely plug & play for every brand of CNC machine, new or existing.

Setup Takes Less Than 5 Minutes

No Robotics Experience Required

Move Easily Between Machines

Reliable Technology

Experience the Future of CNC Machine Tending with HALTER LoadAssistants

Boost Your Efficiency

HALTER offers a highly mobile and user-friendly solution, with easily movable robot cells and quick calibration, ensuring seamless transitions and uninterrupted production. Their design prioritizes safety and accessibility, featuring a responsive robot arm that ensures operator safety without compromising accessibility. The HALTER SmartControl system simplifies operation, requiring no robotics experience, and allows continuous machine operation even during setup, enhancing efficiency and productivity.