Creaform MetraSCAN-R BLACK™ | Elite HD R-Series - Automated Quality Control System CUBE-R

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Streamline Quality Control with Automated 3D Metrology Scanners

Take your quality control and part inspection to the next level with automated 3D scanning. Dynamic 3D is proud to carry the most accurate, highest speed and easy-to-use automated metrology-grade scanners on the market today. Our automated 3D scanners are manufactured and supported in North America ensuring a long life with low total cost of ownership.

About The Creaform MetraSCAN-R BLACK™ from DYNAMIC 3D

Increase your productivity by measuring more dimensions on more parts without compromising on accuracy.


0.025mm (0.0009")

Light Source

15 Blue Laser Crosses (+1 Extra Line)

Color Capture


Accuracy Certification

ISO 17025

Scanning Speed

1,800,000 measurements per second

Bundle Includes

MetraSCAN R-Series Scanning System

VXscan-R Software

PolyWorks Inspector Standard Software

4-Days On-Site Training from DYNAMIC 3D

R-Series Computer with Workstation

C-Track™ optical tracker

Enhances data accuracy from automated photogrammetry

Dynamic referencing

The part and the system can rotate freely at any time during measurement on the integrated turntable

High productivity

Performs inspection up to hundreds of parts a day

MetraSCAN 3D-R

Highly accurate in any measurement conditions. Fastest 3D scanner on the market. Tackles black, multicolor, and shiny surfaces.

Complete turnkey solution

No integration required, fully
enclosed and shop-floor-ready


A powerful robot-mounted optical CMM scanner

Can be seamlessly integrated into automated quality control processes for at-line inspection in mass production. Its cutting-edge technology enables manufacturing companies to detect quality issues faster.


Leverages the power of the MetraSCAN 3D-R

Provides a high-productivity industrial measuring cell that has been designed to be integrated into factories for at-line inspections. Compared to traditional CMMs, the CUBE-R is much faster, providing a gain in productivity and better efficiency.

We're insanely impressed with the pre-purchase and after-purchase support provided by DYNAMIC 3D. These guys know their stuff and are in it for their clients success, first and foremost.