A Revolution In
CNC Education

America has the ability and the calling to be the greatest manufacturing powerhouse on the face of the planet. - Titan

Committed to the future of manufacturing

We’re proud to be lifting up American students, educators, and its manufacturing workforce. We’re also proud that our academy is being used in over 170 countries because we believe that all humans have the right to a good education and to have the ability to build parts in their own communities.

And it’s all FREE.

Defying the odds

During his childhood, Titan grew up in a broken home filled with violence, alcoholism and rage. He soon built a reputation on his aggressive and destructive nature. Multiple accounts of assault landed Titan in a sixteen year prison sentence. The fighting continued and he soon found himself in solitary confinement for six months.

With the help of Top Rank Boxing, Titan was released early and began fighting for his second chance, ultimately being recognized as one of the greatest up and coming fighters in the sport. Unable to escape his demons, Titan was pulled back into the street violence of his past. Not wanting to land back into prison, he walked away from professional boxing and found himself in a CNC machine shop where his life would change forever…

A Growing Platform

What started as a CNC machine shop in Northern California focused on making the most difficult parts in aerospace, has transitioned into a massive reality TV series and a world-first CNC educational platform recognized and utilized by a global network of engineers, machinists, hobbyists, students, and educators.

With the launch of our Aerospace Academy the future is exciting…and we’re about to hit the afterburners.

The voice of manufacturing

Titan Gilroy shares a message of hope and redemption that the country and world need today. With his expertise in running an elite aerospace CNC shop, Titan offers practical tools and inspiration to students, educators, shop owners, and business leaders around the world.

A Team Of Experts

To be a world-class platform, you have to hire the best-of-the-best talent available. We’ve hand-picked our entire staff to find those playing at the highest levels of competency and innovation. Team Titan is a powerhouse of knowledge, problem-solving, and communication.

Industry Knowledge

Our engineers, designers, modelers, machine operators, finishing, and fulfillment team members have decades of combined experience dealing with the unique pressure of crafting the most difficult high-tolerance parts. They’re amazing communicators as well, so the information they share is easy to understand and implement.

Communication / Design

The best information in the world is useless if it doesn’t come to you in an easy-to-understand manner. We have a staff of professional directors, editors, designers, and brand leaders to help ensure every bit of content we put out communicates the subject matter efficiently and without confusion.

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