SHIPS Q4 2024

Machine tool in production. Ships later this year.


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High-Performance Turning


  • 8-inch hydraulic chuck
  • Maximum swing diameter of ø19.7" (ø500mm)
  • Through-hole diameter of ø2.48" (ø63mm)
  • Optional Sauter servo turret
  • Power-driven tool speed of 5,000 rpm
  • BMT55 tool specification

Additional Options

  • Y-Axis
  • Dual Spindle
  • 5000 rpm Live Tooling by SAUTER 12-station BMT55 Turret
  • Tail Stock Unit
  • Tool Setter | Renishaw
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Bar Feeder
  • BMT55 0° Driven Tool Holder by SAUTER
  • BMT55 90° Driven Tool Holder by SAUTER

Country of Origin: Parts sourced from multiple countries. Machine tool assembled in China; packaged and shipped in the USA.


The SYIL L3 is a massive step up in turning centers, featuring a German SAUTER Power Turret which significantly reduces tool change time, improves chip rigidity, and ensures you're running at peak efficiency.

Chuck Size

8 inches (203.2mm)

Max. Swing Diameter Over Bed

ø21.65" (ø550mm)

Max. Swing Diameter Over Carriage

ø11.42" (ø290mm) (with Y axis: ø7.87" (200mm))

Max. Workpiece Length

19.69" (500mm) (with Y axis: 20.87" (530mm), with Counter Spindle: 17.72" (450mm))

Max. Workpiece Diameter

ø14.96" (ø380mm)

Compact Footprint

Compact machine layout that can be combined into a production line


High-precision ball screws and linear guides

Optional SAUTER servo turret

5000rpm power tool spindle speed

High-Speed Servo Spindle Unit

Maximum Spindle Speed 4500rpm

Why Choose the L3 CNC Lathe?

In the world of small parts production, hitting your tolerances is critical. You can count on SYIL CNC lathes to deliver on both efficiency and productivity where it matters most.

Additional Features

Max Tool Shank Size

0.98" x 0.98" (25x25mm)

Max Tool Shank Diameter

ø1.57" (ø40mm)

Counter Spindle Chuck Size

6 inches (152.4mm)

Counter Spindle Rate/Max Speed

1750/6000 rpm

Counter Spindle Nose


Counter Spindle Bore Diameter

ø2.20" (ø56mm)

Counter Spindle Through Bore Diameter

ø1.77" (ø45mm)

Counter Spindle Power

14.75 hp (11kW)

Tail Stock Travel from Chuck

18.31" (465mm) (with Y axis: 19.69" (500mm))

Tail Stock Rapid Traverse

1181.1"/min (30m/min)

Tail Stock Sleeve Taper


Finish Turning Cylindrical Accuracy


Finish Turning Parts Surface


Finished Turning Parts Roundness

≤0.000118" (≤0.003mm)

Position Accuracy (X)

0.000197" (0.005mm)

Position Accuracy (Z)

0.000315" (0.008mm)

Repeat Accuracy (X)

0.000079" (0.002mm)

Repeat Accuracy (Z)

0.000157" (0.004mm)

Floor Space (L × W × H)

98.43" x 67.72" x 68.50" (2500 x 1720 x 1740mm) (with Y axis: 105.51" x 68.90" x 72.83" (2680x 1750x 1850mm), with Counter Spindle: 105.51" x 68.90" x 72.83" (2680 x 1750 x 1850mm))


8818.5 lbs (4000kg)