Creaform MetraSCAN Black | Elite + HandyPROBE - Portable Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

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The MetraSCAN 3D optical CMM scanner line-up is specifically designed for manufacturing and metrology professionals who do not want to compromise on quality or efficiency. It can withstand any production environment, including shop floor vibrations, part movements, and environmental instability—all while accelerating 3D measurement workflows. This optical CMM scanner has been engineered to perform highly accurate and repeatable metrology-grade measurements and 3D geometrical surface inspections.

Technical Data:

Specification Detail
Accuracy 0.025mm (0.0009")
Probing Yes
Light Source 15 Blue Laser Crosses (+1 extra line)
Color Capture No
Accuracy Certification ISO 17025
Scanning Speed 1,800,000 measurements per second

Bundle Includes:

Scanner Main scanning unit
HandyPROBE Precise probing tool
Messpunkte 6mm Scanning Targets 2,000 count
3D Scanning Turntable Facilitates automated scanning
VXelements Software Core scanning software
e-Learning Training Program Self-paced learning modules
“Worry-Free” Priority International Shipping Expedited shipping
12-month Warranty Comprehensive coverage
3D Scanning Targets 4,000 extra points
Customer Support 24/5 assistance

Software Options:

VXelements (INCLUDED in Bundle)
VXmodel / VXinspect Bundle
DezignWorks for SolidWorks
DezignWorks for AutoDesk Inventor

Country of Origin: Canada

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