The Kennametal Harvi III "Zombie Mill" Saved Me $100,000 | CNC Machining Inconel 718

The Kennametal Harvi III "Zombie Mill" Saved Me $100,000 | CNC Machining Inconel 718

This Tool Saved Our Company $100,000

Machining Aerospace Materials

Machining aerospace materials is hard enough. Then when you add in a heat-treated hardening process, it's near impossible. But with every problem we have encountered in machining, there is a solution to get the job done. 

"How do you actually machine something that just breaks your cutters?"

Choosing the Right Tools for Your Application 

When all other tools failed and broke machining Inconel 718 after 15-20 minutes, the Kennametal Harvi III, AKA "Zombie Mill", ran for 7 straight hours. You read that right. When roughing material, it's all about MRR and this MRR and tool life saved us time and money. That's what it's all about when you are competing for work against the next shop. You have to choose the right tool for your application. Put it to the test against others and determine what will make you the most efficient, cost-effective, and get the job done on time.

The Name "Zombie Mill" 

7 hours of roughing in Inconel 718 is insane. We all get that. So when it came to roughing off the material we needed before coming back with our finish pass, we just knew we needed to get through the material. After 7 hours of machining were completed, how did the Harvi III look? Like a Zombie. It had been to war...but It came out the other side with a chip conveyor full of chips. 

"Keep it running until it breaks" 

Even after hours of machining and flutes with small chips in it, we keep it running to get the material off. This saved us countless hours and maintenance on this production run. It "dies" but it just keeps running and eating Inconel like nothing else. This one end mill from Kennametal takes the place of 7-10 tools that would have otherwise been required. 

Why we Recommend the Kennametal Harvi III

Bottom line: This tool saves us money. We put it to the test and it outperformed every other tool on the market when it comes to hardened materials. This, in return, has allowed us to bid lower on the next job because we are more efficient and we are saving money on tooling that would have otherwise broken. 

Put the Kennametal Harvi III to the test for yourself. We are confident that when machining Titanium, Inconel, or other aerospace-grade materials, this will complete with the best tools around. 

Learn more about our experience with the Harvi III:

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