Why you need a Micrometer in Your Machine Shop

Why you need a Micrometer in Your Machine Shop


Sometimes our tolerances matter and sometimes they really matter. When we need to know where a feature is truly at we reach for a micrometer. Second in prevalence to only the caliper the micrometer is a go to for machinists and inspectors alike when checking critical part features.   


Having been in the business of making aerospace parts for so long we have to rely on the accuracy of our micrometers probably more than any other inspection item in the shop. Being so frequently used we need micrometers that will be reliable, accurate, and efficient time and time again. Between our new Mitutoyo mics, our old mitutoyo mics, and everything in between we have never been let down.   


“How much these differences in speed matters really depends on your needs.”

If you walk through our shop you will find many different micrometers in use. While the Quantumike is our go to, you will also find standard coolant proofs, speed mics, and other specialty mics performing a variety of inspection tasks. Having a single source like Mitutoyo who can deliver solutions for wherever, and whatever, we need to measure has been an invaluable resource for us.   

Written by Travis Jarrett, Quality Manager at TITANS of CNC. 

Learn more about the differences in Mitutoyo Micrometers here: 

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