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SYIL T5 Drill Tap Mill

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Sale price$46,950.00

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The SYIL T5 drilling/tapping machine automates your process, and has the effect of increasing your efficiency and productivity while reducing labor costs.

Table Size

27.56" x 16.54" (700 x 420mm)

T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance)

3 x 0.56" x 4.92" (3 x 14.3 x 125mm)

Max. Table Load

551.16 lbs (250kg)

Floor Space (L × W × H)

82.60" x 61.02" x 81.50" (2098 x 1550 x 2068mm)

X Travel

23.62" (600mm)

Expoxy Granite Frame

Precision mineral bed


High-precision ball screws and linear guides


Optional 4th-Axis

High-Speed Servo Tool Changer

21 positions BT30

Reviewer Avatar

Robert S.

TITANS of CNC delivered a 5-star experience! Titan and Jessie went above and beyond to personally educate me about the SYIL X7. Keith made everything super easy and answered no less than 1,000 of my questions. Their team really cared about my success! All that's left is for me to finalize the machine's placement and see what this thing can do. Can't wait to cut my first chips on this bad boy!

Why Choose the T5 Drill Tap Mill?

Using a drilling and tapping machine offers several advantages in industrial manufacturing. Firstly, it significantly increases efficiency and productivity by automating the process of drilling holes and creating threads. This allows for faster production times and higher output rates, saving valuable time for manufacturers.

Additionally, drilling and tapping machines reduce the labor costs typically associated with manual drilling and tapping processes.

By eliminating the need for constant supervision or physical exertion from workers, companies can allocate their resources more effectively.

Additional Features

Tool Type

Wheel Type

Tool Storage Capacity

21 Positions

Max. Tool Diameter

2.48" (63mm)

Max. Tool Length

9.84" (250mm)

Max. Tool Weight

6.61 lbs (3kg)

Tool to Tool


Spindle Motor Output (Rate/Max)

4.96/7.38 hp (3.7/5.5kW)

Drive Motor (X, Y, Z)

2.01 hp (1.5kW)

Power Source

AC380V/ 3-Phase

Floor Space (L × W × H)

82.60" x 61.02" x 81.50" (2098 x 1550 x 2068mm)

Net Weight

4740 lbs (2150kg)

Gross Weight

4960 lbs (2250kg)