Furthering its dedication to be the top FREE global manufacturing education provider, TITANS of CNC, Inc. is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with CNC Software, Inc., developers of Mastercam®.

“As our Academy continues to grow, we believe it is necessary to teach with the latest, most-advanced CAM software and machining technology available. Knowledge is power, and what we teach has a direct effect on manufacturing companies’ ability to outperform their competitors.” said Titan Gilroy, CEO, TITANS of CNC.

“We are stepping up to the pinnacle of CNC machining education, introducing our new ‘Aerospace Academy’ in early 2020. With the presence of ITAR regulations and restrictions, utilizing Mastercam as our advanced CAM solution makes perfect sense.”



Mastercam® is the world’s leading CAD/CAM software. It is the most widely used CAM in industry and education worldwide. The software is popularly used in companies requiring precision machining, such as shops in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries.

“We are proud to partner with such an inspirational team,” said Meghan West, President, CNC Software, Inc. “From the beginning of our existence, CNC Software has made a concerted effort to address the educational market. We have always recognized the importance of recruiting young minds into our field. TITANS of CNC has made it their mission to do just that. We are proud and humbled to be working with such a wonderful group of people that have the same mission.”

In the past few years, TITANS of CNC has reshaped the way manufacturing education is approached and delivered. Bringing a new level of openness and awareness about industry trends, specifics on how to handle high-end machining, and insights into business management from a team on the front lines of manufacturing.



TITANS of CNC, Inc. has developed TITANS of CNC: Academy and is the world’s leader in FREE manufacturing education, teaching the latest breakthroughs in CAD, CAM, CNC, and Metrology. Their online video-based curriculum is open to anyone regardless of age, technical savvy, or prior schooling. By focusing on the fundamentals of advanced manufacturing, students learn via the power of repetition, through a model that flips traditional manufacturing on its head and gets students hands-on with part design FIRST. As each part increases in difficulty new methods are added so the foundation continues to build on itself. TITANS of CNC Inc. is also in development on CNCExpert.com (Advanced manufacturing certifications) and the all-new Aerospace Academy, which will teach methods and give access to information at the highest levels of manufacturing previously only accessible behind the closed doors of the world’s top aerospace companies.



Dave Cox: dave@titansofcnc.com