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"I love the stem and vocational training the academy provides for design and manufacturing"
David Galovich
Chief Engineer
"Titans of CNC academy is one of the best places to learn CAD/CAM."
Tom Duran
Show Mechanical Designer, Sr.
"They are in good faith training individual on the correct way to program, setup, and operate cnc machines."
David Greenier
Senior Production Supervisor
" "The Academy and curriculum is great! It’s about time people get excited about this great trade again! Let’s put the USA back to work! BOOM!""
Mac Settipani
CNC Programmer/Machinist
""The approach of the Academy has been of great benefit for my team.""
Julio Perez
Principal Engineer
""This country has needed technical training for 30 years!! Titan's a visionary bringing it to the masses for nothing ""
Todd Petermann
Operations Manager
""The solutions Titan is bringing to the industry, is challenging and absolutely inspiring. I'm dying to see what he comes out with next...""
Cade Anderson
Director of Operations
""The TITANS of CNC Academy is vibrant! It reminds me of why I do what I do.”"
Stephen Scott
Manufacturing Engineer
" "TITANS of CNC Academy provides advanced level CAD/CAM/CNC training. There is no comparison to this training, which methodically and very effectively prepares students for careers.""
Brian Cummings
Advanced Manufactuing Dept. Head

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